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At KnightHak, we proudly uphold our core values: commitment to excellence, unmatched reliability and personalised service. Our raison d’être lies in the meticulous customisation of our services to sync perfectly with the unique needs of our clientele. Whether it be the delicate transport of priceless fine art to a gallery or the timely delivery of critical aviation spares to a private airfield, the level of our bespoke services redefines the standards of delivery and logistics.

As KnightHak’s service is managed by your dedicated courier concierge, the delivery process from initial call through to the final destination is perfectly orchestrated. Every express courier service we provide is a testament to our dedication to exceed expectations by tailoring a refined experience catering your specific needs. No matter the scale or nature of your shipment, our promise remains the same – immaculate planning, firm guidance, and an unwavering commitment to timeliness.

Tailored Urgent and Same Day Service

Discover the promise of precision with KnightHak, your solution for bespoke courier services. Not just a delivery service, we’re a symbol of trust, adaptability, and unrivalled accuracy. Our unique services span private aviation catering, essential medical supplies, fine art and beyond. Each delivery is treated with distinctive care, understanding its priceless value, whether across the UK or around the globe. Join a clientele that values the blend of agility, adaptability and unfailing punctuality that is KnightHak’s hallmark. With our vast fleet and 24/7, 365-days-per-year customer service, we assure an effortless courier process. When you engage our services, we commit to a 60-minute pickup window guaranteeing unparalleled efficacy.

Choosing KnightHak is an investment in peace of mind and exceptional service. For over four years, we’ve built relationships based on trust, distinguished by our impeccable delivery service managed by our dedicated courier concierges. With our strict no co-loading policy, your valuables are not just transported, but escorted with utmost exclusivity and dedication. Why KnightHak? Because we embody the values that matter to you: trust, discretion, and excellence. Our fleet stands ready to accommodate your last minute, urgent delivery requirements. Our network of extensive partnerships combined with your dedicated courier concierge guarantee that with KnightHak, your peace of mind is not merely an aspiration but a promise.  

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knighthak employee is checking the storage Goods list before Sit in the vehicle

Courier services London

Explore custom solutions for unique shipping needs. From fragile items to bulky goods, our specialized and cheap courier service is tailored to handle unique shipping requirements with care and precision.

Knighthak's courier delivery van with some parcels

Next Day Couriers London

Need It Tomorrow? Consider It Done! Our next-day, cheap courier service is designed for those urgent situations where time is of the essence. Rest assured, your package will be there the next day, without fail.

Knighthak courier company's delivery van with parcels to be delivered

House Removals London

Relocating can be a daunting task, but our house removal services are here to lift that burden off your shoulders. Trust us for a smooth, organised, and stress-free move.

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Local Courier Company

We are your neighbourhood delivery experts. Our local, cheap courier service London is more than just fast; it's reliable and familiar with every nook and cranny of your area. Whether it's an urgent document or a small parcel, we ensure prompt delivery right at your doorstep.

Different Types of Goods are placed at Knighthak Warehouse for Storage services London

Storage Solutions London

Get flexible and secure storage options. Not ready to receive your package just yet? Our storage solutions offer a safe and secure holding space for your parcels, available whenever you're ready.

Pet Transportation London

Ensure safe travels for your furry friend. Our cheap courier London understands that pets are family. That's why our pet transportation service is designed to ensure your furry family members travel comfortably and safely, no matter the distance.

Reach out to us for swift and reliable courier services – your satisfaction is our priority!

Overnight Delivery

When premium service is not just an option, but a necessity, KnightHak stands unparalleled. We are a distinctive overnight courier service that redefines urgent and late-hour consignments. With KnightHak, you are provided with the luxury of both time and traceability for your overnight consignments, further fortified by our strict security measures. No matter the industry – whether public sector, healthcare, etc. – we easily accommodate. Our commitment is to ensure every consignment reaches its destination in an immaculate state.

As an accompaniment to our delivery services, we offer bespoke assistance with local and international relocations. Serving dignitaries and esteemed businesses alike, our dexterous team orchestrates your relocation with unrivalled precision and trust. This includes tailored end-to-end services such as special unpacking, setup upon delivery, temperature-controlled transport for perishables and climate-controlled art transport. Whether attending to urgent delivery or relocation needs, your requirements are unequivocally met with ease and fastidiousness.

Why Choose KnightHak?

When it comes to storage, removals, and cheap courier service London, Knighthak is unrivalled in the UK. Friendly and professional, our staff of uniformed drivers provides experienced solutions supported by our reliable security measures. We have a nationwide network of trusted partners. 

Experience the Knighthak difference today! Trust us to handle your courier, removals, or storage needs with precision and care.

Contact us now to avail yourself of our top-notch and cheap courier service London and allow us to demonstrate our commitment to quick, secure deliveries at competitive prices. Reach out to us and witness excellence in action!

Multi-drop Service

KnightHak stands unmatched as the foremost multi-drop courier service serving the United Kingdom and beyond – an embodiment of speed, trust and efficiency. We offer specialised solutions compatible with all business sizes, understanding that each comes with unique requisites. Through us, every delivery becomes a seamless, unified journey, carefully coordinated by your service liaison and executed by a hand-picked, suited driver.
Our multi-drop service epitomises swiftness, dependability, and efficacy, serving as a cornerstone for businesses across the globe. Whether you seek to bolster distribution capabilities or require a partner to delegate pressing logistical needs, we are here to meet those demands. A multi-drop courier service addresses the critical need to execute several deliveries within a single trip in today’s fast-moving commercial landscape.  Discover the KnightHak difference in tailored courier services. Elevate your brand reputation and client satisfaction with our efficient inventory management and optimised delivery times. Imagine amplified operational output and mitigated overheads with our impeccably labelled packages. At KnightHak, accuracy, reliability, and superior customer service are more than just words; they are our commitment.

Service Benefits and Features

Knighthak takes great satisfaction in its lightning-fast delivery services. We know that time is of the essence in all aspects of life, from personal to professional.

To guarantee the quickest possible delivery of your package, our logistics are fine-tuned. Our local, next-day, and overnight delivery services all promise fast service without sacrificing quality.

Affordable, high-quality courier services shouldn’t be out of reach, in our opinion. We provide the greatest value for your money with our straightforward and affordable pricing system.

With our cheapest courier delivery company, you can budget for your delivery with complete confidence because all fees are transparently stated. Knighthak is a budget-friendly choice for all your courier needs due to its low prices and excellent service.

Each delivery is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why we cater to specific needs by providing cheap and efficient courier service like eco-friendly alternatives and transportation for pets.

In order to deliver a solution that perfectly suits your needs, our staff collaborates closely with you to identify those needs. Our customised solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s managing complicated multi-drop deliveries or carefully handling fragile items.

Our cheap courier services near London revolve around establishing trust and ensuring security. Your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and on schedule since we take all necessary steps to guarantee it. Our courier experts are highly skilled individuals who treat every package with the greatest care.

In addition, we offer tracking features and dependable customer assistance so you can stay informed about the status of your valuables at all times and sleep well throughout delivery.

Ready to experience a new level of cheap courier service? Getting started with Knighthak is easy and simple to use. Get in touch with us via phone or online to talk about your individual requirements and find out more about the cheap and efficient courier service we offer. Feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance in navigating the process and selecting the most suitable service option. 


Our goal at Knighthak is to provide exceptional service at every stage of your shipping process; we are more than just a cheap courier services near London. Our extensive selection of services is designed to meet all of your courier requirements.

Be a part of the increasing number of happy clients that rely on our cheapest courier delivery company. Choose Knighthak for a service that’s fast, affordable, reliable, and tailored for you.

Why Choose KnightHak?

When it comes to storage, removals, and cheap courier service London, Knighthak is unrivalled in the UK. Friendly and professional, our staff of uniformed drivers provides experienced solutions supported by our reliable security measures. We have a nationwide network of trusted partners. 

Booking with us is a seamless experience. Commence your service with a simple phone call. Then, you will be invited to provide your preferred delivery method, shipment details and address through our online form or via WhatsApp. With a nearly flawless rating on Trustpilot, our service excellence is endorsed by our satisfied clientele. Over four years of unparalleled service, a testament to our unwavering dedication, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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