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  1. Client and Item Information: Input your personal information and a concise specification of the items, delineating their weight, dimensions, and the class of conveyance required.
  2. Collection Schedule: Indicate the desired collection date and time.
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  4. Choose Your Preferred Service: Select from our array of services including Same Day, Urgent, Next Day, International, Overnight, Multi-drop, or Storage Facilities.
  5. Collection and Delivery Addresses: Provide the complete addresses for both the collection and delivery points.

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    We invite you to experience KnightHak’s distinction, grounded in our ability to tailor premier courier services to match clients’ exact needs. Our prowess lies in our ability to craft services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, a claim substantiated by our unrivalled reputation for excellence. We assure you, no request is outside our sphere of mastery.

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